There are an enormous number of variants available to choose from, but Shark Steam Mop always gives you the best bang for your bucks. Shark is one of the leading names in the steam mop industry, choosing from the number of options they offer, a little bit tough. We have narrowed down to 10 best shark steam mop which we tried and tested to see all the advantages and disadvantages of owning them.

There are many things we considered while selecting this mops; performance is our top priority. We think that the durability and overall performance of the mop are what make them the best. We measured performance based on how long does it took a mop to be heated enough and the life span of a mop.

Another thing that any user must consider before buying the mop is the usability of a mop. To operate some mop, the user doesn’t need to be a rocket scientist. This usability issues might look tiny now, but they can be extremely useful when you get your hand on the mop. Small details like length of cord might not seem of importance, but it’s very helpful to have enough long cord to reach hard places and enough small cord not to get tangled.

We kept in mind the budget as well as features the mop is offering. We managed the optimum balance between price and features. The mops we selected have the maximum premium features at the most affordable price. Without further ado, let’s start with our list of best shark steam mops.

1. Shark Steam Pocket Mop (S3501)

S3501 is one of the most durable Shark pocket mop available in the market. It very fast to use, it gets heated in around 30 seconds when we tried. The rapid heating system makes it easier to use and doesn’t waste any time. According to Shark, under a controlled environment, it provides 99.9% of the sanitization. Like the rapid heating system, it has rapid cool down as well; it gets dried almost after the turning it off.

Shark Steam Pocket Mop (S3501)

Double-sided microfiber steam pocket pad is one of the unique features of this product. It not only makes the cleaning easier but faster too. Just flipping the side of mop will allow the user to cover the double area. XL Water capacity provides non-stop moping without waiting. It is perfect for hard floor surfaces.

Chemical Free: To sanitize the cleaning are the user doesn’t need to add any chemicals or harmful liquids, a simple tap water is enough to clean 99.9% of bacteria.

On Demand: To start cleaning one doesn’t have to wait for long, 30 seconds to heat up the steam is more than enough. This is very rare feature and hardly available in other brands.

Steam Pocket Tech: This technology allows you to double the cleaning area.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will this mop clean dirt out of tile grout? Yes, this mop does clean the dust out of tile grout and many unreachable and hard to clean areas. Even if the dirt is aged, the steam will heat up and make it easier just to scrub the dirt out.
  2. Is there any trigger that needed to hold while cleaning? No, no trigger/button required to hold. You only need to push and pull to use.
  3. Are cleaning mats washable? Yes, they are totally washable.

What Customers Says?

According to irun4bling, this is great! He wrote on Amazon that by using this mop you won’t be disappointed and before buying this shark mop he have researched on lots of different products.


Being light weighted and easy to use, S3501 is one of the highest selling mops on Amazon, and more than 2500 buyers have voted it average of 4.2 stars.

2. Shark Lift-Away Professional Steam Pocket Mop(S3901)

The name is pretty much self-explanatory and unique feature of S3901. Lift-away handheld steamer brings flexibility to clean almost all the hard-to-reach areas. With just a push of a button, you can remove the handheld part of a steam pocket mop, and you can use it to clean any surface. 300ML water tank provides steam for an extended amount of time giving you freedom from filling up water again and again. With 22 feet long cord and 12-inch cleaning, width S3901 provides flexibility to clean far from power outlet with more cleaning width.Shark Lift Away Professional Steam Pocket Mop (S3901)

Steam Control: Shark lift away professional steam pocket mop comes with intelligent steam control. It means that the device is equipped with three different settings Scrub, Mop and Dust. The user can adjust them based on the needs. Steam control gives freedom to clean from delicate surfaces to hard floors with 99.9% sanitization.

Microfiber Pockets: Two sided pads built for lasting more than 20 washes, yes the pockets are washable. This microfiber cleans the area by capturing almost all the dirt and lifting it with itself.

Lift-away: The unique feature from S3901 is well known in the market, makes easier to clean hard-to-reach area.


This is few common questions that customer have before buying.

  1. Can I steam my drapes? Yes, not only drapes but you can also clean carpets, stovetops, stainless steel sink and of course floor.
  2. Does it provide constant steam? Yes, to provide continuous steam the device have to reach the maximum temperature.

What peoples says who bought it?

Ms. R. Stammers who bought this last year says that she loved using the mop, and the durability of the product is splendid as well as the material used with it is very sturdy and of top notch quality. To know the current price, please click here.


3. Shark Steam Pocket Mop For All Hard Floors Sanitizing Mop 3801

Shark Steam Pocket Mop For All Hard Floors Sanitizing Mop 3801Have hard floors and worried about sanitized environment? Shark have this beautiful specially designed for hard floors; it cleans with the power of steam. This device includes steam pocket technology, which means that you can use the same pad both the side without changing it. Every device of Shark has this ability to start generating steam in very less time, just 30 seconds! Because of faster heating time the device is ready to use any moment. To download the manual on how to use, click here.

Hard Floors: The ability to generate the right amount of steam for every kind of surface is the best part of this device. Shark 3801 is the best for cleaning hard surfaces, specially sealed hard floor surfaces.

Usability: Most of the steam mop on the market are little hard to figure out. Functions with the mop are quite easy to understand and operate.

Pocket-Friendly: By pocket-friendly we mean it’s affordable, with discounted price of just $97 it is among one of the cheapest Shark steam mops.


  1. Can I use other than water in the water tank? No, It is not at all advisable and safe to put anything other than water in the water reservoir. It is recommended to use distilled water.
  2. Which surfaces are fine to be used with this mop? This steam mop is fine for almost all the surfaces except waxed and unsealed area. As the heat can damage them.
  3. Does it swivel? Yes, It does have a swivel.

What customer says?

Kim r. recently bought this mop. She says that this mop is fantastic and after buying it, her floor is shining. She recommends buying it. To purchase this mop at a discount price, you can click here.


4. Shark Steam and Spray-PRO Mop (SS460WM)

Tired of using bucket and mop? Start using Shark steam and spray-PRO mop SS460WM! Not only the mop is easy to use but very powerful when cleaning the area, it claims to vanish 99.9% of bacteria from the floor. There is an option to clean hard floor, messy and unclean areas, very user-friendly. The mop can also be used as cordless by just switching to a spray-only head. This convertible mop comes with microfiber cleaning pads are washable, and there is also an option to have disposable pads with capabilities same as the regular ones.Shark Steam and Spray PRO Mop (SS460WM)

Mop Heads: Mop heads play a crucial role in cleaning properly. SS460WM comes with two different mop head for different situations. There is one head which can do both spray and steam while another is spray only mop.

Spray Button: Cleaning comfortably is one of the biggest advantages of using the mops from Shark. Creators have kept in mind that a closer cleanser spray button will be very convenient while using cordless.

Cord: Though, cordless feature is available, but a length of wire is still necessary. When using with a cable, this model comes with 20′ cord.


  1. How good can it clean laminated floors? Not only it is ok to use this mop to clean laminated floors, but it also cleans them very nice!
  2. Is liquid cleaner included? Yes, it comes with the box, it lasts for few cleaning.

What people who bought say about it?

Teresa Ryan purchased this mop from Amazon and according to hear the cleanser is not even needed she says that the steam does all the work. She also added she has a bad quality floor which never looked washed, but after using SS460WN, she finds it immaculate and shiny. To know a current price, please click here.


5. Shark Steam and Spray Mop + bonus pads (SK410W)

Shark launched this mop with fully integrated steam cleaning and cleanser. If it is combined with energized cleanser, the resulting will be of high performance. This is a very powerful cleaner and can clean on every surface and help get shark-steam-and-spray-mop-bonus-pads-sk410wrid of messes. If you want clean surfaces then we suggest activating the Shark Steam Energized Cleanser, it can give you deep cleans and easy cleaning of tough surfaces. Because of proper use of technology and superior design, the shark steam mops have a very high-performance rate on the cleaning pads.

Steam On Demand: It is one of the best features by Shark, only press a button and steam flows out of the mop. It is not the mop which just pretends to steam and spray, one of the best mops which do the work.

Removable Power Cord: Want to reach the farthest surface but power cord doesn’t permit? SK410W comes with a cool battery powered mop which can run without the power cord and help you reach the previously unreachable areas.

Pads: Changing cleaning pads is always a headache, but when using SK410W you don’t have to go through a complicated procedure. The pads also last longer.


  1. Can we use it on laminate without damaging it? People have used the older version of the mop which doesn’t even had a spray bottle, but it worked very well with laminate without doing any damages.
  2. Which batteries are needed? Mop requires 4 AA batteries.

What Customer Says?

GARY GLARDON who bought from Amazon says that his wife loves it! She is using it on laminate, hard floors, wood, and tiles. It makes her home spotless.


6. Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop, SE450

Hate the mess and dirty floors? You need SE450! This mop has excellent and smart steam controller. The Smart Controller provides enough steam when needed. SE450 comes with two-sided cleaning which utilizes dust as well as mop feature. Two-sided cleaning helps you get dust cleaned and floor sanitized with just a flip of a side. Since the mop uses the chemical free cleaning you can be sure that it’s safe for both kids and pets, there are no harmful chemicals used in the mop.

Shark Professional Steam Pocket Mop, SE450

Long Cord: SE450 is among few of the mops which give you with 25′ long cord, this give you the ability to clean the farthest place from the power socket.

Two-sided cleaning: Dust and Mop are the uses of different sides of cleaning, with that you don’t have to keep changing from mop to mop. Just flip a side.

Lightweight: With just 8.0 LBS on our scale it is one of the light weighted mops. It is both convenient and easy to use.


  1. Can it clean marble flooring? Yes, we have tried and tested on both marble and ceramic floors, and it works like a charm.
  2. The pads used are washable? Yes, you can wash them by hand as well as they are washing machine. friendly.
  3. Do you have to pump? No, not at all.

Customer Reviews

Katherine bought this mop from Amazon in the month of March, and she says, SE450 is her favorite mop and not pumping part makes this mop the best. To get the best deal on the internet for this mop, please click here.


7. Shark Easy Spray Steam Mop DLX

Shark is always known for sturdy material and beautiful design, DLX is the last mop on our list, but it’s among the best shark steam mop. DLX have the superior design and ease of use. Due to lightweight design, it is extremely user-friendly. Another feature which is designed keeping an end user in mind is on board storage for a cleanser.

Shark Easy Spray Steam Mop DLXQuick Heat: It is well-known that Shark mops are very fast when it comes to heating up, but this mop also dries down very quick too.

Pads: Shark Steam Mops usually comes with washable pads, DLX is no exception to this tradition.


  1. Is it ok to clean laminated surfaces with this mop? Yes, it is entirely okay to clean laminated surfaces.
  2. Spray and Pads come with the Mop? Yes, both are included in the price on Amazon.
  3. How much does it weight? On our scale, it weighed around 7 pounds.

Customer Reviews

Rebecca Bowie bought this mop in February from Amazon; she says she have tried different types of floors, and it works wonderfully on all of them.


We hope that you would have liked our small list of shark steam mop, have you used any of this mop? Please let us know your views/reviews on the mops.

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